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My name is avirtuouswoman. I'm new to elowel.

Avatar nick
04-25-06 07:02
Hell yes.
Welcome to Elowel.

Avatar volcanovixen21 *
04-25-06 08:15
Dvorak Attack
Didn't know there were any left. :P
Post much.
Avatar aldebaran
04-25-06 10:59
Hello! welcome =)

Avatar max *
04-25-06 18:04
cyber desperado
If you're having trouble logging in, send me an email (haydar@gmail.com) I'm afraid I may have fucked something up.

Avatar prudence *
04-25-06 22:48

your user name could be interpreted in two very different ways.

a (as in singular) virtuous woman.


a (for not) virtuous woman.

how funny.

anyhoot. welcome to elowel and enjoy your stay!

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